Will you help save ‘No-Name Bear’?

Yes, I’ll help save No-Name Bear with a monthly donation today

Your first donation will take place today (immediately). From the next month, your monthly donation will be on your chosen date (either the 5th or 15th of the month).

What happens to a nameless bear when bile farming finally ends?

No-Name Bear is now ‘‘useless’’ as the bile machine she’s been. She’s in more grave and immediate danger than she’s ever been before.

Moon bear paws, teeth, claws, gallbladders, even bones. All can be harvested to sell on the black market.

As the bear farming industry collapses in Vietnam. This is a critical moment in the fight to save the country’s last surviving bile bears.

Please, will you give today and join this urgent search and rescue mission to save No-Name Bear?

Your kindness today can help fund the emergency rescue truck or the pain-relieving medicines needed to give No-Name Bear salvation, safety and sanctuary.

But there’s something else too. We want your help to give No-Name Bear her (or his!) very first name.

Think about a name that feels special and meaningful for you and let us know what you choose below.


Submissions will close on August 29 and a favorite will be picked by the Bear Rescue Team, ready for when we reach No-Name Bear.