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Animals Asia has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to rescue four beautiful moon bears who’ve spent their entire lives performing at a circus in Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi.

After knowing nothing but captivity, these bears have a long road to recovery ahead of them. And they need your support.

Please, will you donate today to help heal these four frightened bears?

They’ll spend their first 30 days at our award-winning sanctuary in quarantine where they’ll be closely monitored. Here we can work to ease their worries and gain their trust. This means lots of tasty treats and exciting toys!

This is also the perfect opportunity for our bear care specialists to create personalised healthcare and rehabilitation programs tailored to each of their needs.

In time, with your support, these four brave bears will find the courage to touch their paws on soft, cool grass... to explore the vast enclosures and comfy dens in search of nutritious foods and friends to play with. And they’ll have you to thank.

We already have 183 bears living happily at our Vietnam sanctuary. With four more hungry mouths to feed and a lifetime of veterinary care to consider, you can see how the costs quickly mount up.

Please, if you’re able, will you donate today to help care for these bears tomorrow and long into the future?