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Swimming, wrestling, climbing, tumbling, weightlifting - these are just some of the amazing natural behaviours our elite team of rescued moon bears display on a daily basis at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre.


Their courage, tenacity and endurance is beyond compare, with many suffering decades in cages on bile farms before their rescue.


Today, they can each achieve their personal best, thanks to the support of people like you.


Your donation can help provide the essential veterinary treatment, nutritious food, stimulation and access to large, natural enclosures these bears need in order to heal from their years of trauma.


Your generosity will also help us build a second sanctuary in Vietnam, as we enter the final stages of the race to rescue every last bear from bile farms across the country.


The finish line is in sight. We just need your help to go the distance.


Please donate today to ensure that no bear is left behind.