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Direct Debits are collected on our behalf by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).  

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Bile farming is about to be banned in Vietnam – forever.

But with only four rescue places left and as many as 400 bears waiting to be saved, these gentle survivors urgently need your help.

This festive season, will you donate to make sure Vietnam’s last surviving bile bears have a safe place to go?

Tuong Lai spent 16 harrowing years hidden in a dark room at the back of someone’s home, secretly suffering regular bile extraction.

Broken teeth, missing toes, sharp steel needles left inside her body... she’d endured unimaginable misery before kind supporters like you helped us rush to her aid.

Tuong Lai made it to sanctuary. But right now, the lives of bears just like her hang delicately in the balance. They’re waiting and hoping for your love to reach them before it’s too late.

We need to complete the first phase of the build as soon as possible so that we can be ready for the next desperate bear or two or 10 in need of rescue and rehabilitation.

But with your support, we can ensure that no bear is left behind.

Please, don’t delay. Give today and help build a safe sanctuary for precious bile farm bears like Tuong Lai so that no one can ever hurt them again.