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Tragically, many wild animals are often cruelly mutilated, chained and beaten in order to be used in entertainment and tourism. These beautiful creatures are stripped of everything that makes them who they are - a living being that deserves kindness and respect.

For elephants, being ridden all day and carrying extra weight means their toes and feet become cracked and raw. Others are beaten into submission or used in circuses. Big cats can have their teeth and claws removed so they cannot hurt their controllers. Wild and exotic birds are trafficked and sold in their thousands at markets to collectors who cage them for their beautiful singing voices.

The conditions in which captive animals are kept often fall far below acceptable welfare standards. Many display severe stereotypic behaviour (pacing, bar-biting and even self-mutilation) due to neglect and poor care. Most receive no medical attention and many suffer from injuries and diseases that are left untreated.

But there is hope. You can make a difference and transform the lives of so many animals, helping keep these beautiful creatures safe. With you by our side, we can save animals who suffer a life of cruelty for the sake of human entertainment.

With your help, let’s continue to turn the tide for these incredible species. Here’s just some of the work a generous donation could make possible:

  • Improve conditions for animals in zoos, through engaging staff and key decision-makers.
  • Working with communities and the government to end elephant riding in Vietnam.
  • Partnering with organisations in Indonesia to end the dog meat and wild bird trades.

But we need your help to rescue more animals from the agony and torment of animals still captive in Asia. Will you donate today and show kindness to animals who only know sadness and pain?