Can you be there to help protect cats and dogs facing neglect and cruelty?

Yes, I’ll join Animals Asia with a monthly donation today!

Your first donation will take place today (immediately). From the next month, your monthly donation will be on your chosen date (either the 5th or 15th of the month).

Please, give a precious gift today and help save and care for cats and dogs throughout Asia.

For some cats and dogs, their lives are ripped away from them for the sake of the meat trade. They suffer immense, unimaginable pain. Many are snatched from the streets or people’s homes. They will then live in gruelling and often fatal conditions, to eventually be sold for slaughter.


Many cats and dogs that just narrowly escape the horror of the meat trade are taken in by shelters. Sadly, they often don’t receive what they really need. Shelters are run by wonderful volunteers who do all they can, but they are under-resourced. This leads to a lack of care, safety and hygiene for sweet animals who have already been through so much.

You can be a vital part of our Cat and Dog Welfare Team, here are some of the key areas your generosity could support:

  • Ending Cat/Dog Consumption and Public Awareness Education: Increase public awareness and appreciation for cats and dogs as human companions. We also promote changes in public awareness to reduce demand.
  • Emergency Rescue and Shelter Improvement: Support the development and capacity of animal welfare organisations throughout China with various forms of training and funding, and rescue companion animals from the dog and cat meat industry.
  • Stray Cat TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) and Cat/Dog Ownership Management: Work with government agencies to enforce laws and enact humane practices for managing dog and cat populations and eliminating rabies.

But we can’t do this alone. Across Asia, cats and dogs are waiting to be loved and cared for. Will you open up your heart and donate today?