Will you help feed a survivor bear today?

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Your first donation will take place today (immediately). From the next month, your monthly donation will be on your chosen date (either the 5th or 15th of the month).

The reality of bear bile farming is so shocking, you may find it hard to believe. Bears suffer years or even decades of confinement and malnutrition.

This was the reality for Bailey (pictured above); she was considered nothing more than a bile machine. She had never been shown even an ounce of kindness in her life.

She wasted away to almost skin and bones as a result of being forced to eat gray, slimy gruel. Horrifically there are many bears just like Bailey who are starved in a bid to boost bile production.

Thankfully, Bailey was rescued just in time. But her journey to recovery is far from over. We desperately need your help to safeguard vital food supplies and help once-starving bears like Bailey through the Vietnamese winter.

Please, will you donate today to help provide for the huge amount of extra food the bears need in the lead-up to the colder months?

Your compassion can fill a once-starving bear’s tummy with tasty, nutritious food after years of nothing but disgusting gruel.

Please, if you can, rush your emergency gift over now to help bears through this upcoming winter.