Will you help build the world’s best bear hospital?

Yes, I’ll help build the world’s best bear hospital with a monthly donation today

Your first donation will take place today (immediately). From the next month, your monthly donation will be on your chosen date (either the 5th or 15th of the month).

20 years caged on a bile farm left Lavender with smashed teeth, a mouth full of angry abscesses, a diseased gallbladder and a massive liver tumor that needed immediate, life-saving surgery.

We urgently need your help to save the last victims of Vietnam’s dying bile trade. Will you join us today to help build the world’s best bear hospital?

Our Vietnam bear sanctuary is now full.

Construction of our much-needed second sanctuary is well underway, and funds to build an on-site bear hospital have been secured.

But with around 300 desperate bears needing to be rescued and brought here, we need your help to ensure that from day one, it’s filled with all the life-giving medicines and specialist equipment needed to save precious lives like Lavenders.

Please will you donate today to help build and stock the world’s best bear hospital for Vietnam’s last 300 bile farm survivors?