No Bear Left Behind

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Will you come to the rescue of Vietnam’s last bile bears? Before it’s too late…

In the darkest corners of this beautiful country, bears like Clara suffer unseen in rusty prisons. Often held captive for decades at a time, they’re repeatedly abused for their bile in an agonising extraction process.

But the trade in bear bile is now illegal, and this cruel industry is crumbling. These bears, in desperate need of urgent medical attention, love and care, also need a safe place to live out the rest of their lives peacefully.

Over 300 bears are waiting to be rescued but we only have seven places left in our Vietnam sanctuary. We are rushing to build a second one but can't finish it without your help.

You can save lives by making a donation today. Please help us finish the sanctuary and save these poor bears.

Every second counts. These bears have endured so much and tragically time is running out for many of them. The sooner this sanctuary is built, the quicker we can bring these wonderful creatures home and give them the care they so desperately need and deserve.

Will you make a promise to these bears today, that they won't die alone in a cage? Please, give what you can to help build this sanctuary, so that no bear is left behind.