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ACT NOW: Urgent call for animal welfare laws in Vietnam! 

Our investigations into animal welfare have revealed the gruesome truth of violence and suffering faced by many animals throughout Asia. It is clear that urgent animal protection laws are needed to end this savage cruelty.
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*Image: Injured buffalo at Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival

An exhausted buffalo limps away from the Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival arena. His face is soaked with blood. His spirit broken. He can only open one eye as he is agonisingly yanked through swarming crowds of people by a ring pierced through his nose. 

Every year for three decades, buffalo have been terrorised and forced together in a gruesome and bloody battle. 

In preparation for the horrific event, their horns are sharpened to cause maximum pain and bloodshed. And they are tormented to make them more aggressive towards their opponent. 

The winning buffalo from each round moves onto the next until there is only one poor soul left, weak and broken. There is no mercy spared for the winning buffalo and his efforts to survive. He too will be violently killed and butchered so that his meat can be sold.

This isn’t the only example of animal cruelty in Vietnam...

*Image: Screengrab of the original video which can be found here.

Devastating footage on social media shows crowds cheering as an exhausted boar runs for his life. His screams of pain and fear can be heard as he is set upon by a pack of baying dogs... trained to kill

The footage sparked outrage in Vietnam, but these organised ‘death battles’ - between dogs and boars fleeing for their lives are nothing new in Vietnam. One crowd member even commented, “We will continue doing it because it isn’t illegal.” 

And boar aren’t the only victims of this vicious blood sport…

Dogs used as killing-machines are treated as nothing more than sporting equipment. Often chained, mutilated, and treated cruelly to make them more aggressive.

Two years ago, the Vietnamese government passed its first Animal Health Law. Yet, there are currently no laws to protect animals from harm, or punish animal abusers.

When barbaric cruelty like sick organised dog fights, brutal buffalo fights, and live pig chopping festivals can go unpunished, and leave authorities powerless to act, urgent changes are needed...

Please, join us in calling on the Vietnam Government to amend the law to include animal protection regulations and strong punishments for those who commit acts of violence against animals. 

Act now, call for urgent animal welfare laws in Vietnam. Please, sign the petition now...


To the government of Vietnam:

"We the undersigned, call for an urgent Circular to be added to guide Article 21 of the Animal Health Law 2016, with animal protection regulations which specifically outlaw deliberately causing pain and suffering to animals. And strong punishments for people who commit acts of violence against animals.”

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