Gifts for the bears

Send a special gift to a once-abused bear today!

Which gifts would you like to send the bears?

Jar of strawberry jam

Our bears have never tasted delicious strawberry jam until they were rescued and now they sure are making up for it!

Fruity ice pops

In between dips in the pool, our bears love to cool off with fruity ice block treats.

Mound of marshmallows

Our bears can't resist taking their medicine when it's in a squishy marshmallow.

Fruit and veg hamper

Our bears need rich nutrient dense food to help them recover from their years of ill treatment. From cabbages and juicy tomatoes to sweet pineapple and banana, our bears have hearty appetites!

Send a pool party

We like to make sure our rescued bears get the chance to play in the water, a simple pleasure that's been absent from their lives for so long.

Build a bear swing

There are few things more peaceful than watching a moon bear swing gently at our sanctuary, knowing their past lives of trauma and abuse are far behind them. Help our beautiful bears keep swinging!

Fix a bear's broken teeth

Many bears need extensive dental surgery to fix broken teeth and remove the rotten ones. If you've ever suffered from toothache, you can imagine how great they feel afterwards.

Mend a bear

When they are rescued our bear's bodies and minds are damaged from years of trauma, starvation and muscle wastage. They need constant monitoring and lifelong medication.

Life-saving surgery

After so many years of invasive and painful forced bile extractions, many of the bears we rescue require urgent surgery to remove their diseased and toxic gall bladders.

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