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Moon bears desperately need your help. These majestic and playful souls are the most exploited bears on the planet.  

Moon bears are an endangered species that are being captured for the cruel bile farming and tourism industries, or killed for their body parts.

Bear bile farming and trafficking have led to the dramatic decline of moon bear populations throughout Asia. Thousands of innocent bear cubs are stolen from their mothers and their wild homes and forced to endure a lifetime of misery and suffering. 

Will you take the pledge today to protect endangered moon bears?

Investigations by Animals Asia, Traffic and Free the Bears have shown that bear bile farming, once touted as a tool to aid conservation, has had a catastrophic effect on wild populations.

Although habitat loss is a major factor in population decline, by far the greatest cause for the loss of these magnificent bears is that they are the bear of choice for the shameful bear bile industry. And the devastating truth is that they have effectively become extinct in many countries already.

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“Moon bears are being exploited on a mass scale. Literally thousands are taken from the wild and are held in the cruellest captivity for their entire lives. For most bears this can be over a decade of emptiness and pain which wreaks severe psychological and physical damage that  will ultimately kill them. For the unluckiest bear, this unending torture can continue for up to 30 years. It’s a level of cruelty quite beyond comprehension.”

Moon bear bile is considered a highly valuable ingredient in traditional medicine. And despite the wide availability of synthetic and herbal alternatives – and the dangers of consuming bile from sick bears – around 12,000 moon bears are currently believed to be held in extreme captivity throughout Asia, suffering regular bile extraction for the traditional medicine industry.

The extraction of bear bile from live bears is horrifically inhumane and causes unimaginable suffering and long-term emotional and physical health problems. Bears are held in filthy, barren cages, little bigger than their frail bodies. They are often seen frantically swaying from side to side in desperation. 

But there is hope…

Animals Asia is at the heart of a global movement against bear bile farming, having pioneered opposition to the industry since 1998. Decades of work has led to Animals Asia becoming the official partner of the Vietnamese government tasked with rescuing every bear and closing every farm in the country by 2022.

The charity runs two award-winning sanctuaries and has rescued over 600 bears in Vietnam and China.

But we need your help...

We know that you will agree, no bear should have to suffer endless bile extraction for traditional medicine or endure a lifetime of cruelty for a moment’s entertainment on a circus stage.

And with your permission, we would like to keep you informed about ways in which you can help make a difference in the lives of the most abused bears on the planet.

By signing the pledge today and joining thousands of #MoonBearHeroes you are committing to standing alongside Animals Asia in the fight against cruelty to moon bears, whether for traditional medicine or the entertainment industry. Please sign today.



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We'd love to keep you updated by email on this important campaign and about other suffering animals in Asia who need your help. Privacy Policy