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Sorry, the donation page you're looking for has now closed. But you can still help us by donating to one of our current campaigns:

Join Animals Asia with a monthly gift

From rescuing bears from the horrors of bile farming, to working towards an end to the cat and dog meat trade and wild animals forced to perform in circuses, zoos and safari parks, your monthly gift could save animals from a lifetime of suffering and provide ongoing care to rescued animals living at our award-winning sanctuaries.

Sponsor a special bear

Bears arrive at sanctuary bruised and broken-hearted after years of abuse and neglect. By becoming a rescued bear's sponsor you’ll help to give a bear a forever home, fill once-hungry bear bellies, provide the world’s best vet care, and foster long days filled with fun and friends.

Make a one-off donation

Give a one-off gift today to support our work to help end bear bile farming, protect cats and dogs who are abandoned or snatched from the streets and taken to horrific meat markets, as well as aid our investigations into captive animals suffering in zoos, safari parks, and circuses.