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The Biggest Bear Rescue Ever


Born on a bile farm...you changed her little life forever

In this Nanning special edition of The Paw Print, we bring you the incredible story of precious Smudge, the last bear to be born at Nanning bile farm.

When we arrived in 2014 we found her locked in a birdcage, suffering alone in the dark. She had wounds on her nose from rubbing it against the bars of her cage in distress and she was desperately crying out for her mother.

But thanks to you, we were able to reach Smudge, take her into our arms and give her the love she so desperately yearned for. Together, we helped Smudge blossom into a healthy, confident bear.

All because of you, Smudge never knew the agony of bile farming. Instead, your love brought her and 100 other beautiful bears home to sanctuary. After so long spent in concrete enclosures Smudge and her friends are ready to make up for lost time.

Read more about Smudge’s life-changing journey to our sanctuary, as well as stories about Mama Bear Bunny and Coconut’s 37 golden afternoons at home in your latest edition of the paw print...

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Watch Bärack take his first steps outside

Just by looking at brave Bärack, you can tell he has suffered a lifetime of pain. Nevertheless, he remains beyond positive and content. Every moment of his life is precious to him.

Imagine the joy something as simple as a tyre swing brings to a long-suffering bear like Bärack. Will you help the Nanning bears make up for all the precious time they’ve lost with a special gift from the welcome home wishlist?

With your love beside him, Bärack took his first steps outside. Watch as his happiness takes over him, rolling around and chomping on the grass until his tongue turns green.

You’ve given him the life he deserves, which he is so grateful for. See your kindness in action...