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Help bring as many bears home as possible

In your latest edition of The Paw Print, you can read about how your support is helping animals in need across Asia. Already this year, you’ve helped us free nine beautiful bears previously trapped on bile farms and bring them to the safety of sanctuary.

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You’ll be pleased to see a short update from our Bach Ma Sanctuary Manager, Thuy Hoang.

Thuy notes that thanks to you, we’re well on our way to completing phase one of our second sanctuary in Vietnam. This means that we’ll soon be able to save more bears desperately holding on for dear life. But don’t just take our word for it, see the progress for yourself…

We also highlighted Dawn’s story – a tragic case of a broken bear, left traumatised by her 20 agonising years caged and abused for her bile.

Poor Dawn learned that no matter what she did, she couldn’t escape. Bad things would always happen. Though she needs more love and care to come around than some of her friends, Dawn is learning to trust, slowly. We’re confident that with patience and understanding, she’ll learn there’s nothing to fear anymore.

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As heartbreaking as it is, Dawn’s story is important. With around 300 bears still trapped on farms, Dawn won’t be the last troubled bear to pass through the sanctuary gates. We need your help to be ready to rescue and rehabilitate Vietnam’s last desperate bears.

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