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Snatched from their mothers in the saved these little victims of cub trafficking.

In the latest edition of The Paw Print, we bring you an update that will feed your soul - precious cubs Wonder, Pudding, Marvel and Yen who were all rescued just weeks apart, are finding comfort in each other.

Thanks to you, you’ll be able to read about how these orphaned bears are healing in their forever sanctuary and having lots of fun together along the way. See for yourself as the cubs enjoy a bubble bath below:

We’re also overjoyed to let you know that there has been one enormous elephant step forward for the end of elephant riding in Vietnam, forever. Plus, read H’Blu’s story, a 60 year-old elephant who was finally rescued after a lifetime of misery, thanks to you.

We also have some very heartwarming news. Remember Bärack? After the love of his life Coconut passed away we’ve been on a mission to find him a companion. After 14 failed attempts, Bärack has finally found a best friend. Find out who and discover their precious story in the newsletter.

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All because of you, the bears at our sanctuaries are safe from the cruelty of the bear bile industry. Many bears are enjoying the spring season through foraging, relaxing and playing…but it’s not a happy season for everyone. Little moonbear Luna suffers from allergies this time of year, causing her to itch profusely. Sadly the medicine she needs is very expensive.

Will you give today so we can buy the only medicine that soothes the itchiness and help Luna enjoy the springtime with her friends? Free from uncomfortable itching and skin pain?