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Animals Asia had been caring for over a hundred bears on a former bile farm in Nanning, China for seven years. Until the day that all of us here at Animals Asia (and many of you too!) had been waiting for…

Finally, we were able to bring the Nanning bears home to our sanctuary in Chengdu, in what was the biggest bear rescue in history.

Now that these long-suffering bears are home, will you help them on their road to recovery?

Before we took over their care, these poor frightened bears suffered repeated, painful bile extractions. The rest of the time they were mostly left in their tiny metal cages, even though indoor yards were available.

Now that these ex-bile bears have left their concrete prison and made it safely through the sanctuary gates, we face our next challenge… rehabilitating 101 broken bears so that they’re ready to venture outside and finally set paw on the dewy grass.

Urgent surgery, diagnostics, heart scans, ultrasounds, medicine – the cost of healing the hurts of all these gentle moon bears is daunting.

We calculate that it’ll be $375,000 for immediate, life-giving care.

Beautiful Byng, pictured above, is only 10 years old. But years of confinement, malnutrition and being exploited for his bile means he moves more like a senior bear.

He should be climbing trees and wrestling with friends but his heart is weak and his hind legs are unsteady. Byng needs full-body X-rays for a proper diagnosis.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Byng and his many bear brothers and sisters have suffered enough. They’re finally free, but waiting to heal. Please, send an urgent gift today.