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With only a moment's notice Animals Asia has leapt into action to reach and rescue three desperate moon bears from the last remaining bile farm in Long Son province, Vietnam.

These broken bears have spent their entire lives – upwards of a decade – caged at the back of a house in a dank, airless room, with no natural light.

Their tragic past means they’ll have a long road to recovery ahead of them. And they need your support.

Please, will you donate today to help heal these three frightened bears?

By joining us today, you’ll be a part of history. Not only does this rescue make Lang Son province bear bile farm free, but it takes us another step closer to ending bear bile farming in Vietnam for good.

With your support these three bears will spend their first 30 days in quarantine, alongside recently rescued circus bears Saffron, Chilli, Tiêu and Gừng, getting used to sanctuary life.

Here we can work to ease their worries and gain their trust. This means lots of tasty treats and exciting toys!

In time, with your support, we hope that these three brave bears will find the courage and strength to venture out onto the soft, cool grass... to explore the vast enclosures and comfy dens in search of nutritious foods and friends to play with. And they’ll have you to thank.

With three more hungry mouths to feed and a lifetime of veterinary care to consider, you can see how the costs quickly mount up.

Please, if you’re able, will you donate today to support these three broken bears on their road to recovery?