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Bear cub Wonder had a horrific start to life. Snatched from the wild by a trafficker and torn away from her mother’s arms. Trapped in a cage so tiny that she could hardly move.

But thankfully, sweet Wonder narrowly escaped a terrible fate and is now safe at our sanctuary. She’s already stolen the hearts of our loving team there. Will you make a donation today to help look after Wonder?

You’ll help Wonder get everything she needs for a life filled with joy. It costs around $35$48£25€30$272 a week for food alone. There’s also many other additional expenses like expert healthcare and a place to play.

We made a promise to Wonder that we’d care and be there for her for the rest of her life. This could be around 30 years of life filled with happiness. But we can’t do it alone. Will you help us keep our promise to provide life-long care for this sweet cub?

Give a life-changing gift to baby Wonder.

We need your help. On November 8th Uong Bi Police in Vietnam confiscated a terrified bear cub from wildlife traders in the Quang Ninh province. 

This poor soul was stuffed into a birdcage after being ripped from his mother’s arms. We dread to think what would have happened to him. 

Quang Ninh is the same province you helped us make bear bile farm free in 2015. This is all thanks to your astonishing support and the quick actions of the authorities. But we still need your help to make sure it stays this way. 

For this brave little cub, his journey has only just begun. After everything he’s been through, he will need lifetime care at our sanctuary in Vietnam. Will you become a member of our Bear Rescue Team with a monthly donation today? 

It costs around $35$48£25€30$272 a week just to feed a bear. This doesn’t include the additional costs of expert healthcare and the ability to offer them a life filled with joy, a place to play and room to grow. We can’t do this with you.

Will you join our Bear Rescue Team and provide life-long care for sweet Yen who deserves to be safe and loved?

* Thank you to the Uong Bi Police for their quick thinking and commendable actions that helped us bring this cub home to sanctuary.

We urgently need your help. On 29 November, Tủa Chùa Forest Protection Department* in Vietnam confiscated a bear cub who was being trafficked across the border. They contacted Animals Asia immediately and asked us to rescue this poor soul. 

As you can see, this terrified little bear is being kept in a tiny cage. We don’t know much else about them. We don’t even know if they’re a boy or a girl. We do know they’ll be terrified and we do know they’ll have been poached from the wild and cruelly stolen from their mother. 

Will you make a donation to help rescue this frightened and confused cub from any further harm? 

A gift today from you could help bring this beautiful baby moon bear to Animals Asia’s sanctuary.

Here, they’ll receive all the love and care they need for the rest of their life. Moon bears can live for up to 35 years, so will you consider becoming a monthly donor to help us look after this bear cub for as long as it takes?

Join our Bear Rescue Team and you can save this bear from a terrible fate. Please, give what you can today. 

* Thank you to Tủa Chùa FPD for their quick thinking and actions, and for helping us bring this bear cub home to sanctuary.

Bile farming is about to end in Vietnam – forever. 

There are as many as 400 bears waiting to be saved. But with the recent rescue of little lost moon bear cub Marvel, there’s now only 10 rescue places left at our Vietnam sanctuary.

We urgently need your help...

This festive season, will you donate to make sure Vietnam’s last surviving bile bears have a safe place to go?

[Image: Marvel in copy]

Marvel is the third cub kind supporters like you have helped bring to sanctuary in as many months. Showing that we need to end bear bile farming as soon as possible. 

Until then, bear cubs are at risk of being ripped from their mothers and wilds homes and trafficked into the bile trade. 

Right now, the lives of hundreds of bears hang delicately in the balance. They’re waiting and hoping for your love to reach them before it’s too late. 

We need to complete the first phase of the build as soon as possible to be ready for the next desperate bear or two or 10 in need of rescue and rehabilitation.

Please, don’t delay. Give today to help build a safe sanctuary for precious bile farm survivors and ensure no bear is left behind.