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Thanks for visiting me. I’m Moonie the moon bear. I live at Animals Asia’s bear rescue centre. But I haven’t always lived there. When I was just a cub, I was stolen from my home and family in the forest and put in a cage on a bile farm. It was very scary.

But then Animals Asia came and rescued me. 

Now, thanks to the kindness of thousands of people all over the world, I live at the sanctuary with hundreds of other bears. Would you like to meet some of my friends?


This is Tuan. Tuan spent 15 years on a bile farm before he was rescued. Now he loves to splash in the pool, forage for yummy food, and play with his best friend, Valerie. 

Find out more about Tuan’s story here 


Little Wonder was stolen from her family by poachers who were trying to sell her illegally. Luckily the police found out and caught the poacher, and asked Animals Asia to look after Wonder. Now, instead of being trapped in a cage on a bile farm, she will be looked after with love and care at the sanctuary for the rest of her life - up to 30 years!

Find out more about Wonder here


I will never forget the moment Uno took his very first steps onto natural ground. He had spent his entire life of 18 years in a cage in a dark room before he was rescued. But on this bright and sunny winter’s day he tentatively stepped outside his den and blinked into the light.

What happened next was one of the most special moments we’ve witnessed here at Animals Asia. Uno simply sat on the grass, raised his face to feel the warmth of the sun, and closed his eyes. It was as if he knew he was finally free of his cage and could enjoy just being a bear for the first time in his life.

Find out more about Uno here

Thanks again for visiting me, and finding out more about my moon bear friends. We are all excited because Animals Asia is about to build another sanctuary in Vietnam so we can finally end bear bile farming in the country forever. There are hundreds of bears still in cages that need to be rescued - and you can help! 

You can sign our moon bear pledge, follow us on social media, make a donation or become a regular donor.

With the support of kind people like you all around the world, we can ensure that no bear is left behind.