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The gentle moon bear is classed as ‘vulnerable to extinction in Vietnam’. Baby bear cubs, like Wonder, pictured below, are cruelly poached from the wild. Torn from their mothers, many are destined for a life of misery and suffering in a cage.

Image: Wonder in cage

Some bears will end up on bile farms. Here, bears will be drugged, starved and abused for their bile to be used in traditional medicine. It’s pointless, and causes so much pain and trauma to these innocent bears. 

You can help rescue poor bears from this terrible fate. A donation from you today could help Animals Asia save more bears like Wonder and bring them to our award-winning sanctuary in Tam Dao, Vietnam. 

Here, these once-broken bears will receive medical care, nutritious food, and space to roam and play freely. 

But we can’t do this without you. Please, will you join us today with a monthly donation so that more gentle moon bears can be rescued from harm?